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The Brus of Mizoram: Unequal, Unwanted and Unwelcome

A fact finding report on exodus of the Brus in November 2009

Published by:

Asian Centre for Human Rights© Asian Centre for Human Rights, 2010


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First published January 20010


A kimchang chhiar duh chuan  



Date 03/09/2010
By Bruso Yakcho
Subject revealing the hidden facts againts the brus since 1997.

I acknowledge my immenses pleasures to the team of Asian Center For Human Rights for revealing the facts which have been concealing since the decades over the equal rights of the brus in mizoram and special gratefulness is centered to Mr.Suhas Chakma, Director of ACHR for being taken an initiative parts for attempting the facts behind the brus and also sincere deep sentiments is in due to the facts finding team, without them this book of " the brus of mizoram: unequal, unwanted and unwelcome " could not published successfully. with my deep heart, I once again requested to the facts finding team to produces more books in regards to the inequality of opportunities, unwanted to be the citizen of mizoram and unwelcome to the permanent settlement in mizoram againts the most backward bru tribal community by the majority of the state. through this book, it can be realized that the bru, residence of mizoram are insecure, helpless and not getting equal rights within the state in spites of having india's as biggest democracy in the world. Referring to this book, it can be understood that the brus of mizoram are just like a 'laughing stock' if the majority want to see a drama, then they will set on fire to the brus house, clapping, laughing and shouting to frighten the brus to flee away from their ancestral home. this kind of drama have been cultured in mizoram since 1997, hence both state and union goverment of india should have aware about the brus problems and try to solve a few problems of economic, social,education and political inequality within mizoram. Expectation is much over the central govt. to assist adequate provision to the bru displaced people at per with the kasmir migrants so that present problems can be get rid of immediately. However, I once again requested to the fact finding team or Asian center for human rights to help the brus problem and instigate to arises their voices towards their rights bravely and even the union government of India should concerned over the decades problems of the brus and the state government of mizoram should have convince with the Civil society within the state. Even The mizoram coordination committee likes Mizo zirlai pawl(MZP) And Young Mizo Association(YMA) should understand the brus sentiment so that the beautiful Rose flowers that have been almost decomposed since last ten years may be blooms all over mizoram once again. And the relationship that existed as brother and sister between mizos and bru once in a past time can be regain and the permanent rapport trees can be planted each and every persons hearts once again that has not to be uprooted on today, tomorrow and forever. Thank for an opportunities of comment that I can share my idea on this web.

Date 08/07/2010
By kumar reang
Subject how poor the brus are

i am very please over ACHR as he wrote the books which are very sensitive to the reang people that they are still driven by other community. for a good deal with the minority community i would like to comment that this books are so pitiful for reang people that they still unwelcome by the majority community in the state.

Date 08/07/2010
By lawma reang
Subject rihgt to write the human right.

i am very glad to say that the ACHR has written a good books which related to the minority rights in the country. and this book is not making shame of the mizo but for more awareness about how to deal with other community and how to maintain a peace within the region

Date 08/07/2010
By bruso yakcho
Subject dikna a puang chhuak

dikna a puang chhuak avang hianACHR chungah ka lawm tak zet ani. hetiang lehkhabu an ziak zel chuan ka lawm ngawt ang



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